Recently I deprecated my ICQ account and switched from my old Instant Messaging Client Pidgin to Gajim, a Jabber-only IM-client. The good thing: Messages can now be encrypted with PGP/GPG! The bad thing: The Window position and size was not remembered by Gajim, so the program appeared always on the left instead of the right side, where I placed it, and that on every program start.


  1. Go to preferences ==> Advanced ==> Advanced Configuration Editor
  2. Filter for "roster_x-position", "roster_y-position" and "saveposition"
  3. Set the values for each to "Activated" (you have to type the String "Activated" in case of "roster_x-posotion" and "roster_y-position")
  4. Change the position and size of your Gajim buddy list window, restart Gajim and check if the changes are remembered
Solution worked with Gajim version 0.11.1.