Hi! My name is Klausi. I work as Principal Engineer for jobiqo. I have a master's degree in software engineering from the Vienna University of Technology where I focused my soft skill part on Gender Studies. I'm also interested in technology, politics and ethics.

You can contact me on Mastodon, LinkedIn or per email. My first name dot my last name (Klaus Purer) @protonmail.ch.

Some projects I work on:

  • D7Security, unofficial extended security support for Drupal 7
  • Coder, a coding standards checker for Drupal
  • GraphQL for Drupal, a Drupal module that implements a GraphQL server API

Proposing a Drupal 7 security team

Screenshot of a drupal.org release settings page. Contains a warning box with the text "Branches compatible with Drupal 7.x that are set as unsupported cannot be set as supported again.". A big thinking emoji is inserted on the screenshot.

The Drupal Security Team has announced in PSA-2023-06-07 that unsupported Drupal 7 modules/themes cannot be supported again. I'm proposing to create a D7Security team on Github that can provide security fixes for those unsupported modules. A small update module can then notify Drupal 7 site owners when new security releases are available on Github.

Fully hidden automatic system updates on Ubuntu 20.04

Screenshot of Ubuntu's update manager popping up during the movie "Tank Girl." Screenshot of Ubuntu's update manager popping up during the movie "Tank Girl."

Ubuntu's graphical update manager pops up every time you need to install updates. That can be annoying when you are watching a movie or doing other things and don't want to be bothered all the time. Yes, I want to always apply all updates from all sources, but please do it silently. Here is a small script I use to do that with Anacron.