Drupal Core update script

Update: Do not use this script anymore, drush provides a very good upgrade mechanism itself now!

Upgrading Drupal core can be a very tedious task - especially if you run a Drupal multi site installation (backup database, put site into maintenance mode, run update DB script, put site online again - repeat for every single site). We use Drush and a custom bash script to make life much more easier on our fsinf.at Drupal farm.

Ruby on Rails Setup on Ubuntu 9.10

I'm working on a Ruby on Rails project right now and had to setup an environment on my Ubuntu 9.10 system. Here are the install commands for your reference if you want to get it done fast.

PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby

I did an interesting programming language comparison last semester and wrote up a paper called "PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby – The web scripting language shootout". I'm not completely satisfied with it as it does not dig deep enough into the details, but it provides a good introduction and overview. As my time was limited and the seminar was only worth 3 ECTS, further investigation and experiments were not done - I would appreciate any additional references on this topic, feel free to post a comment or contact me.

Stirb Wordpress, stirb!

Endlich geschafft: Mein Weblog läuft jetzt auf Drupal und nicht mehr auf dem unsympathischen Wordpress. Gleichzeitig bin ich umgezogen - ich will mal den Webspace der TU ausprobieren. Seit einiger Zeit bietet der ZID ja PHP- und Mysql-Unterstützung an, sodass hier auch Content Management Systeme aufgezogen werden können.