Update: Do not use this script anymore, drush provides a very good upgrade mechanism itself now!

Upgrading Drupal core can be a very tedious task - especially if you run a Drupal multi site installation (backup database, put site into maintenance mode, run update DB script, put site online again - repeat for every single site). We use Drush and a custom bash script to make life much more easier on our fsinf.at Drupal farm.

For those inpatient people who do not want to read on: you can find the script in our subversion repository.

Requirements for running the script:

  • Do not use the script unmodified! It contains several settings that are tied to the fsinf.at setup, so please look through the code and customize it to you needs.
  • We use a symbolic link "drupal" that points to the drupal directory "drupal-6.15". Drush uses per default the same naming convention, so the future Drupal 6.16 will be downloaded to "drupal-6.16". We copy over settings and sites to that directory and then redirect the symbolic link to the new directory.
  • Currently the script is designed to be executed as root user.