Ein Rückblick auf 7 Jahre TU Wien

Ich habe vor kurzem mein Informatikstudium an der TU Wien abgeschlossen, Zeit für einen kleinen Rückblick. Obwohl in diesem Artikel auch viele für mich negative Dinge vorkommen werden, so habe ich doch die Jahre sehr genossen, viel dazu gelernt und viele interessante Menschen getroffen. Ich möchte diesen Lebensabschnitt nicht missen und würde mich wohl wieder für die TU Wien entscheiden.

Web Service Composition in Drupal

A master thesis written by Klaus Purer at the Vienna University of Technology, released in May 2011.


Building web applications has become a complex task and often requires interaction with other web applications, such as web services. Drupal is a free and open source content management system and framework that provides a rich platform for rapid web development. The modular and extensible nature of Drupal allows developers to customize and embrace the core functionality and to create new features. This thesis is about investigating and implementing a web service client module for Drupal that is able to consume classical WS* web services as well as RESTful web services.

PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby

I did an interesting programming language comparison last semester and wrote up a paper called "PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby – The web scripting language shootout". I'm not completely satisfied with it as it does not dig deep enough into the details, but it provides a good introduction and overview. As my time was limited and the seminar was only worth 3 ECTS, further investigation and experiments were not done - I would appreciate any additional references on this topic, feel free to post a comment or contact me.