A master thesis about Drupal and Web Services

In the last weeks I thought about a topic for my master thesis at the Vienna University of Technology, and I came up with the idea of integrating Drupal and Web Services.

Playing around with the new Drupal 7 and the great new Rules 2 module will be very exciting. I already did some university courses about web services and I also hacked around a lot in Rules and Drupal - so the foundations are set for a successful project.

I'm glad that Amin Anjomshoaa has agreed to supervise the thesis and that Wolfgang Ziegler will provide me with help and tips around Rules and Drupal, as he already did during my Google Summer of Code project last year.

Here is a more detailed initial concept as PDF of what I'm planning to do.

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Yes and no. There will be a Rules Web module (see code on github: http://github.com/fago/rules_web ) that uses the Services module to communicate. My project will use that but will be more focused on consuming external web services that are provided by arbitrary sites. I'm working on a concrete use case now, so there is no generic code yet.