Drupal Core update script

Update: Do not use this script anymore, drush provides a very good upgrade mechanism itself now!

Upgrading Drupal core can be a very tedious task - especially if you run a Drupal multi site installation (backup database, put site into maintenance mode, run update DB script, put site online again - repeat for every single site). We use Drush and a custom bash script to make life much more easier on our fsinf.at Drupal farm.


PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby

I did an interesting programming language comparison last semester and wrote up a paper called "PHP vs. Python vs. Ruby – The web scripting language shootout". I'm not completely satisfied with it as it does not dig deep enough into the details, but it provides a good introduction and overview. As my time was limited and the seminar was only worth 3 ECTS, further investigation and experiments were not done - I would appreciate any additional references on this topic, feel free to post a comment or contact me.