Drupal development setup on Ubuntu 12.04

I upgraded my local computer to Ubuntu 12.04 today and revisited my Drupal development environment. Here is a simple and fast guide how to configure Ubuntu for development. There are a number of installation documentation pages on this topic on drupal.org, but they suggest to use the packaged Drupal installation and to run Drupal in subfolders (e.g. http://localhost/drupal6). They also do not cover some other important development tools like Phpmyadmin or php.ini settings. During development we want to edit files and we want to do that somewhere in our home directory to avoid any permission problems. There is also Drubuntu, but it is outdated and does way too much magic in my opinion. So here is a more transparent tutorial that highlights the key development configuration settings for Drupal development.


Ein Rückblick auf 7 Jahre TU Wien

Ich habe vor kurzem mein Informatikstudium an der TU Wien abgeschlossen, Zeit für einen kleinen Rückblick. Obwohl in diesem Artikel auch viele für mich negative Dinge vorkommen werden, so habe ich doch die Jahre sehr genossen, viel dazu gelernt und viele interessante Menschen getroffen. Ich möchte diesen Lebensabschnitt nicht missen und würde mich wohl wieder für die TU Wien entscheiden.

Web Service Composition in Drupal

A master thesis written by Klaus Purer at the Vienna University of Technology, released in May 2011.


Building web applications has become a complex task and often requires interaction with other web applications, such as web services. Drupal is a free and open source content management system and framework that provides a rich platform for rapid web development. The modular and extensible nature of Drupal allows developers to customize and embrace the core functionality and to create new features. This thesis is about investigating and implementing a web service client module for Drupal that is able to consume classical WS* web services as well as RESTful web services.

Running PHP 5.3 and 5.2 in parallel with nginx

The problem: you want to upgrade your Ubuntu server, but you still need PHP 5.2 for some old web sites (i.e. Drupal 5 is not PHP 5.3 compatible).
The solution: Go with the packaged PHP 5.3 for your new sites and compile PHP 5.2 yourself for the old ones. As we use the nginx webserver with FastCGI, we can choose per site which PHP CGI binary will handle the requests.