Display the currently playing song from rythmbox as gajim status message

I found a nice feature in the preferences of my instant messenger gajim, where a check box says "Set status message to reflect currently playing music track". My only problem was that i could not enable the option, because it was greyed out and not active. First I tried to find a plugin for my musicplayer rhythmbox, but the information I found seemed to be old and several web pages said that gajim and rhythmbox should work together natively. I remembered that most GNOME applications use D-Bus to communicate with each other. I supposed that there was a D-Bus package missing on my Sidux system, so I searched the package repository with "apt-cache search dbus" and found a package named "python-dbus". Since I know that gajim is written in python I installed the package and had success: After a restart of gajim the option was now available and worked when enabled.

Solution worked with gajim 0.11.4 and rhythmbox 0.10.1.



I'd just like to add that this is a real feature-that-will-get-you-kicked in every MUC chatroom. Every three minutes a new status message - great!

@Mati: That depends on your client, but most of them do not log or display changes of status messages. They normally only notify you when the status itself changes, but not the status message. Therefore the dynamic status message change should not be a problem for anybody in a MUC, I did not receive any complaints so far.

Hi. Sorry for resurrecting a dead post, but where exactly did you see that checkbox? I can't find it in my current 0.13.4 Linux version at all.